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[texts]Sandy Hook
Sandy Hook
Keywords: Sandy hook
Downloads: 4
[audio]Sandy Hook - A basis for investigation - Backblastradio.com
A podcast discussing anomalies within the investigation of Sandy Hook that looks to explore if there is a basis to further scrutinize the event.
Keywords: Sandy Hook
Downloads: 19
[audio]Montemurro talks about Gun Control
UConn Student Vincent Montemurro speaks about his take on gun control before and after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. 
Keywords: Gun Control; Sandy Hook
Downloads: 18
[image]QK Ultraviolet - Anonymous DHS agent
These postings purport to share the behind the scenes happenings at the school shooting on December 14, 2012 in Sandy Hook,  CT.
Keywords: QK Ultraviolet; Sandy Hook
Downloads: 21
[movies]SANDY HOOK: The Gene Rosen Movie - Brendan Hunt
This video by journalist Brendan Hunt (aka X-Ray Ultra) proves beyond any doubt that Gene Rosen, an eye witness from the Sandy Hook event, is lying about a number of items. It also delves into his connections with the Freemason secret society and other issues.
Keywords: Gene Rosen; Sandy Hook
Downloads: 334
[movies][ HQ] We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook Full Video In Higher Quality - http://mediasolidarity.com
Collaboration of numerous independent journalists outlining the significant issues surrounding the events at Sandy Hook, CT.
Keywords: Sandy Hook; Shooting
Downloads: 97
[movies]Sandy Hook Terrorism Archive - Gordon Duff
A documentary for posterity, indirectly suggesting who is responsible for the origins of tragedy of Sandy Hook.
Keywords: sandy hook; sandy hook massacre; newtown; adam lanza
Downloads: 249
[audio]WUN#10 - Alone in 2013 - Wake Up! News
A New Year reflection on some big news items since the last show.
Keywords: Fiscal Cliff; Sandy hook; Politicians; Guns
Downloads: 43
[texts]Sandy Hook Hoax Blown The Evidence And Motive (by GoMangoTV) & Brother Nathanael video on Sandy Hook - GoMangoTV, Brother Nathanael
Here is the youtube link to this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8150kYsWlcMIf anyone is interested in the "actual" truth about Adolf Hitler, Holocaust, and WW2 (hidden by the media), the documentary "Adolf Hitler: the greatest story never told" reveals the truth. Here is the link to the documentary. https://archive.org/details/AdolfHitlerTheGreatestStoryNEVERToldParts127TGSNTtvYouTubeviaTorchbrowser.comHere is a documentary about the actual truth about Martin Luther King Jr hidden by t...
Keywords: Sandy Hook Hoax Connecticut Brother Nathanael
Downloads: 18
[movies]Sandy Hook and The Boston Bombing - You're Being Hoodwinked - Max Malone
An analysis of the connections between Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon 'bombing'. Both of these incidents become very revealing examples of government fabrication and manipulation of the 'news'. Induction of corporate controlled media into the circle of government control, has made corporate media into a shameless vehicle for attempting to control the thoughts of the public.
Keywords: sandy hook; boston marathon; bombing; shooting
Downloads: 71
[movies]We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook - Promo #1 - Independent Media Solidarity
Over the past 2 years, efforts to explain and expose the Sandy Hook event may seem to have slowed down. We never slowed down.
Keywords: sandy hook; newtown; shooting; conspiracy; adam lanza; false flag; gun control; depopulation; sandy hook elementary; school shooting; staged; hoax; actors; fake; sandy hook truthers; hoaxers
Downloads: 98 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]SONG 002 - Rabbi Joshua Hammerman
Rosh Hashanah Day 2 sermon, 5774, by Rabbi Joshua Hammerman: "The Silence and the Lamb."  
Keywords: Newtown; Sandy Hook; Rosh Hashanah; Abraham; Isaac; Akeda; children; innocence
Downloads: 24
[audio]Dick Hatenberg 001b - Dickford U. Hatenberg
Dick Hatenberg tells us what Big Media doesn't want us to know about guns, gluten and public education
Keywords: gun control; sandy hook; newtown; NRA; conservatives; stephen colbert; gluten
Downloads: 39
[audio]It's All About Communications! - Kyle David Bates
Welcome Back! After about a year we return with our studio broadcast!15 months ago the Sandy Hook tragedy occurred. In recent months the events that day have been evaluated and critiqued. Based upon the Connecticut Post  article "Too Many Ambulances Overwhelmed Newtown Responders" posted on EMS1.com, we revisit this topic as well as previous podcasts that we did around the same time.Join Rommie Duckworth, Eric Dickinson, Dan McQuire, Ronald Rolfsenn, Wilma Vinton and Kyle David Bates...
Keywords: EMS; Paramedic; ICS; IMS; Sandy Hook; Newtown; dispatch; communications
Downloads: 127
[audio]The Alternative Sandy Hook Breakdown - The Fundamental Sine Wave
An alternative look at Sandy Hook. What the second amendment really said about owning guns. Plus a break down of the shooting itself. If you are offended or of a closed mind then please go to CNN. This podcast is not about dishonouring the lives of those who died. The truth must come out. To ignore the truth is to dishonour those who died. All this plus some excellent electronic music.
Keywords: Sandy Hook; Tyranny; Second Amendment; Adam Lanza; Electronic Music
Downloads: 109
[audio]Solstice Bells Ring For the Light - Fr. Vazken Movsesian
Next Step #237 - December 20, 2012 - "The Christmas/Solstice Special" Finding the courage to celebrate Christmas after the Sandy Hook (Newtown) Shooting. Ringing the Bells of Etchmiadzin - the new Bethlehem: Fr. Vazken celebrates the Solstice and life after the end of the Mayan Calendar. Obama's mention of Jesus comes after the silence of the clergy. A Christian response to evil and the challenge to walk In His Shoes as Christ did...
Keywords: Sandy Hook shooting; Christmas; Solstice; Etchmiadzin; Bethlehem; In His Shoes
Downloads: 16
[audio]Son's Of Funk @ McLaughlin Vineyards, Sandy Hook, CT - Son's Of Funk
Sons Of Funk McLaughlin Vineyards Shuck & Jive Music Festival Sandy Hook, CT 10/11/2014 Recorded & Mastered By Scott Medeiros SBD > Superlux S502 ( Nakamichi CP-1 Capsules ) >Tascam DR-680 > SD > Adobe Audition > Flac 01 Cosmic Slop --> 02 Standing On The Verge Of Getting On ( Pumpin' It Up tease ) --> 03 Can You Feel The Pulse --> 04 Do That Stuff --> 05 (Uncle Jam) Tease --> We Want The Funk --> 06 ? * * W/ Billy Iuso Rico Lewis Garrett Shider Jen Durkin Darian Cunning Raymond Watson Mike Batt...
Keywords: Billy Iuso; Shuck and Jive; Sandy Hook; Scott Medeiros
Downloads: 21
[image]The Mystery of Stephen Barton's Fake Injuries, from the Batman Massacre
The Supposed story goes like this - "Earlier this year, Stephen Barton was shot 25 times in the face, neck, hand, chest, shoulder and forearm in the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colo., during the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. This week, he will take his scars on the national stage. Barton appears in a 30-second ad produced by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an organization founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that calls for stricter gun control laws...
Keywords: stephen barton; batman massacre; batman shooting; fake injury; james holmes; history; education; false flag; CIA; FBI; drills; sandy hook; sandy hook school shooting; fake injuries; moulage; sandy hook massacre; psyop
Downloads: 67
[audio]Hart & Usagi Podcast episode 23 - Hart & Usagi Podcast
In this episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we speak mainly on the recent school shooting. After solving that problem we talk about some video game awards and Christmas gifts.TOPICS:* Sandy Hook Shooting: Video Games Take The Blame* Walmart Sells Out of Guns, Bans 'Dangerous' Products* Senator Jay Rockefeller Introduces Bill to Study How Violent Video Games Affect Children* CA senator calls NRA's response to violent games 'pathetic and unacceptable'* Video Games "Easy Target" to Explain Violence...
Keywords: hart & usagi podcast; jay rockefeller; nra; sandy hook; tyt; walmart; guns; christmas
Downloads: 13
[audio]rec room show 31
This show was recorded on 1/16/13. We discuss if flu vaccines should be mandatory for health care workers and should it cost them there job if they don't get one. Then we talk about what a "truther' is and why are they harassing a hero of the sandy hook school shooting.
Keywords: rec room show; sandy hook school; truthers; conspiracy theory; talk show
Downloads: 16
[audio]Crude Zombies last day of 2012 - CrudeZombies dot com
Four guys hanging out and talking about various topics including: politics, conspiracies, social issues, alternative news, entertainment and pretty much anything that might evolve from the above topics. Tune us in and give us a listen...we're not professional broadcasters, but then, you wouldn't want us to be. Thanks for visiting!
Keywords: politics; conspiracies; news; sandy hook; aliens; new world order; Illuminati; cancer; health care
Downloads: 8
[audio]I Will - pastor oliver lee, next level ministries
WE look at the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and answer the question of why!! We alos look to see what we do when going through hard times. Great message
Keywords: Sandy Hook; I will; Strengthen; uphold; help you; pastor Oliver lee; next level ministries
Downloads: 21
[movies]Sandy Hook School Tragedy,Newton CT,14th December 2012 - Patrick Stafford
Sandy Hook School Tragedy,Newton CT,14th December 2012 Tribute piano theme for these child's and educator loose their life on this sad day in our World. Patrick Stafford Piano Ste-Mary's Choir 14 th December 2012
Keywords: Sandy Hook; Tragedy; Murder; Meurtre; Enfant; Child; Kid; Newtown; Ecole; School; Patrick Stafford; Piano; Pianist Composer
Downloads: 220
[audio]Sojournertruthradio 122112
On the last weekly roundtable for 2012, our panelists weigh in on guns and violence in the US and the global impact of militarization and the weapons trade. Also, post presidential election politics including the stalled âfiscal cliffâ budget negotiations. And foreign policy: Mexicoâs new President, as well as the crisis points of Syria and Congo. Our panelists will also share what for them were the most crucial stories of 2012...
Keywords: Fiscal Cliff; Roundtable; Tom Hayden; Gerald Horne; Laura Carlsen; Mexico; Congo; Syria; Sandy Hook
Downloads: 11
[audio]St. Mark's Chapel Adults' Sermon 12-16-2012 - Rev. Hilary Greer
A reflection and discussion with the congregation about the shooting at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown.
Keywords: Hilary Greer; St. Mark's Chapel; UConn; Storrs; Mansfield; CT; Newtown; Sandy Hook School
Downloads: 233
[audio]Edge of Chaos - January 19, 2013 - Joe Ryan & Neurotoxin
Edge of Chaos is a free-flowing discussion occasionally touching on mature topics. In this episode we discuss the gun control debate going on in Washington post-Sandy Hook as well as the conviction of a child for murdering his Neo-Nazi father in Riverside County, CA.
Keywords: political; news; current events; commentary; opinion; gun control; Sandy Hook; NSM; Jeff Hall
Downloads: 25
[audio]Edge of Chaos - April 12, 2013 - Joe Ryan & Neurotoxin
Edge Of Chaos is a political podcast occasionally dealing with mature subject matter including news and other current events. In this episode we try a bit of a different format as I ask Neurotoxin several theoretical questions about subjects including gun control, gay marriage and abortion rights. A lot of good debate was stoked in this episode.
Keywords: Abortion; gun control; Sandy Hook; gay marriage; news; opinion; commentary; current events
Downloads: 35
[audio]The Tom Gulley Show-12/19/12 TGS LIVE! Gun Culture Show - Tom Gulley
Just after one of the most heartless mass killings in US history--the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut--debate explodes on both sides of the gun issue. Rather than whine, we went and found the most open-minded, informed, and articulate expert we could. Gretchen Martens of Homeward Deployed shares her enlightened unbiased views on the subject. And has a speaking voice that makes Tom sound like Jerry Clower.
Keywords: The Tom Gulley Show; Gretchen Martens; Newtown; Sandy Hook shootings; Homeward Deployed
Downloads: 61
[audio]St. Mark's Chapel Sermons 01-06-2013 - Bishop Laura Ahrens
Sermons by Bishop Suffragan, the Rt. Rev. Laura Ahrens, with the children. Later in the service, her primary sermon.
Keywords: Bishop Laura Ahrens; St. Mark's Chapel; UConn; Storrs; Mansfield; CT; 01-06-2013; Epiphany; Sandy Hook
Downloads: 276
[audio]Sojourner Truth 121912
As the US grapples with gun violence in the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Conn; we examine the US obsession with guns and the international context of violence within and by the US. Also the war against teachers, what impact could the Sandy Hook shootings have? Six teachers died protecting to protect their students, they were the first responders but have not been recognized as such...
Keywords: Tom Hayden; Alex Sanchez; Henry Giroux; Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez; Sandy Hook; Connecticut; NRA; shooting
Downloads: 18
[movies]Sandy Hook Newtown School massacre
Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control If the police would release the school security video many questions would be answered.
Keywords: lanza; sandy hook; newtown; bushmaster; ar-15; trunk; car; massacre; security video
Downloads: 269
[movies]Let's Talk ~ Sandy Hook ~ Shocking Documentary - Media Solidarity
Thanks to: http://mediasolidarity.com/Watch this documentary video that seeks to learn the truth and end the speculation once and for all.A diverse group of independent journalists have come together to raise awareness of the issue and encourage the public to act. They all agree that this event has been and will continue to be of such historical significance that the true details must be revealed.
Keywords: dianedi; sandy hook; hoax; newton; government; drills; coverups; police; 7/7; 9/11; operation northwoods
Downloads: 7
[audio]Mordechai Mishory, Jewish Perspective on Current Events, January 9, 2013 - Dr. Mordechai Mishory, Tsivya
Dr. Mordechai Mishory Torah Perspective on Current Events January 9, 2013 Rabbi Hersch: The Pentateuch. If a baby animal is going to be offered as a korban, the first eight days it has to be under its mother; therefore no orphans are accepted. Animals act based on their needs. Part of the nature of the species is to reach higher than its nature, which is manifested in the way animals care for their young...
Keywords: Hurricane Sandy; Newtown; Sandy Hook; water; flow; solid; liquid; gaseous; energy; earth; air; fire; plant; animal; giving
Downloads: 37
[audio]Corey Squared 029: A Conversation About Sandy Hook Elementary - Say It Productions
CJ and Corey Charette sit down and get personal as they talk about the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School last week. CJ shares his feelings and thoughts on the whole incident and what the schools can do to try to prevent this from happening again.
Keywords: Sandy Hook; shooting; tragedy; Newtown; CT; Connecticut; school; principal; student; lockdown; drill; police; gun; camera; door; bullerproof
Downloads: 52
[audio]Living Well with Dr. Peg radio program 12-21-12 Holiday Stress - Peggy Mitchell Norwood, Ph.D.
December 21, 2012 - Tis the season to beâ¦lonely, sad, depressed, broke, stressed, anxious, frazzled, disappointed? Christmas is right around the corner and itâs a joyous time to celebrate the birth of Christ, spend time with friends and family, and exchange gifts, but not everyone is looking forward to Christmas. For many, the holidays are a stressful, difficult time. Some people are alone on Christmas and there are those who are overwhelmed by the pressure to spend money they don't have...
Keywords: Living Well with Dr. Peg; radio; psychology; Christmas; stress; holidays; blues; Sandy Hook; Connecticut; shooting; depression; sadness; family; overspending
Downloads: 38
[movies]BeautiTutorial: Sandy Hook Memorial Look/ How To Apply Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color
Life Of A Fashion Geek: http://clicktotweet.com/x_UzS Blog: http://beautimarkbella.wordpress.com/ Beauty & Fashion Look Book: http://bellaslookbook.wordpress.com/ YouNow: http://www.younow.com/users/BeautiMarkBella Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeautiMarkNews Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/BeautiMarkBella Beautylish: http://www.beautylish.com/BeautiBella Sigma Beauty: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=261445 MARK E-Boutique: http://kbaptiste.mymarkstore.com/
Keywords: fashion&beauty; sandy hook; memorial; tutorial; beauty; style; fashion; dedication; beautimarkbella; howto; nail polish; sally hansen; magnetic; nail; color
Downloads: 3
[audio]MomsDemandActionWithSarah Mc Donald - Roberta Hall
Moms Demand Action is a nationwide group, organized primarily by mothers of small children, that seeks to reduce gun violence by many means, including instilling "gun sense" in legislators. They want to see changes in the culture in respect to how guns are handled, enlarging the scope of background checks and ensuring that adults who own guns keep them locked and out of the way of children. Sarah Finger McDonald, chair of the Oregon chapter, talks with Health and Healthcare Forum host Roberta Ha...
Keywords: guns; Moms Demand Action; Sarah Finger McDonald; gun sense legislation; violence; Sandy Hook School; 2nd Amendment
Downloads: 4
[audio]Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories - Mark Glenn
Mark Glenn from the Ugly Truth Network gives his opinion on how ridiculous conspiracy theories regarding the events of Sandy Hook can be used to discredit legitimate research into real criminal conspiracies such as the Iraq War, the USS Liberty and the 9/11 terror bombings.
Keywords: disinformation; conspiracy theories; gun control; media; Sandy Hook; propaganda; USS Liberty; law; 9/11; terrorism; law enforcement; police brutality; war
Downloads: 43
[movies]Blowin' in the Wind-Still Blowin' in the Wind. Civilize the Second Amendment - Howard Hill
This was produced because I felt something was in the air. It's time we "Civilize the Second". We need to ban the type of weapons that fire tens of rounds per second and hold clips containing more then 5 rounds. We also need to address the lack of support and scrutiny for disturbed individuals who may commit these atrocities. The NRA is DEAD WRONG when they blame everything but the guns and recommend " armed guards in schools", this didn't help in Columbine and this is not the type of America mo...
Keywords: blowin in the wind; blowing in the wind; bob dylan; dylan; sandy hook; columbine; virginia tech; shooting; mass shooting
Downloads: 500
[etree]Max Creek Live at McLaughlin Vineyards on 2014-10-11 - Max Creek
Max Creek McLaughlin Vineyards Shuck & Jive Music Festival Sandy Hook, CT 10/11/2014 Recorded & Mastered By Scott Medeiros Superlux S502 > SBD > Tascam DR-680 SD > Adobe Audition ( 4 channel Matrix edits fades tracking ) > Flac 01 Summer Sun --> 02 Yes We Can Can 03 Wild Side --> 04 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 05 Louisiana Sun*--> 06 Thank You ( For Letting Me Be Myself )*---> 07 Blood Red Roses* 08 Deadbeat Summer 09 Old Stones Broken Bones 10 Windows *W/Billy Iuso on add'l guitar Scott Murawski ...
Keywords: Billy Iuso; Scott Murawski; Mark Mercier; John Rider; Bill Carbone; JamemurellStanley; Shuck and Jive; Sandy Hook; Scott Medeiros
Downloads: 324
[audio]2012 December 17 Teleconference 051 Deoram Bolan and Sharon Bolan Yerby - Commentary on Sandy Hook school shooting. Using the Word of God as source of news and foundation for truth. - Deoram Bolan, Trumpet Voice Ministries, Arlington, Texas and Sharon Bolan Yerby Ministries, Arlington, Texas
December 17, 2012 Sharon Bolan Yerby and Brother D. Commentary on the tragedy of the Sandy Hook school shooting on Friday. Letting the Word of God be our source of news and foundation for truth.
Keywords: News; Sandy Hook; Word of God; Truth; Prophetic News; Deoram Bolan; Sharon Bolan Yerby; Christianity; Jesus Christ
[audio]Joel - Sun PM 12/23/12
A Bible sermon preached by Ryan Cummings on Sunday PM, 12/23/12. In this sermon, the book of Joel is studied and then it is compared it to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.
Keywords: God; Jesus; Christ; Holy Spirit; Bible; Book; Word; Truth; Old Testament; New Testament; Joel; Acts. Sandy Hook Elementary; Connecticut; Believe; Repent; Confess; Baptism; Sin
Downloads: 17
[audio]Martin Truther Episode 12
This week TF52 with Sean Ras his wife and FourToedJones in studio were joined by Kevin and Jessi with Week-in-Review and opened up the show discussing a Sandy Hook parent that testified in court in favor of Gun rights. Constitutional Rights were also a big topic in the first hour as well as law enforcement shootings. Martin Truther with www.RedPillGuide.com then joined us through the entire second hour and a little bit more as we talked about the process of awakening, American Corporations and i...
Keywords: Sean Ras; Lexy Ras; FourToedJones; Shifty; Kevin-N-Arizona; Jessi; TF52; Chemtrails; Permaculture; Martin Truther; RedPillGuide; Global Warming; Sandy Hook; Constitutional Rights; Christopher Dorner; Buzzy; Salty
Downloads: 75
We return wth the last episode of Full Circle Radio Reloaded for the calendar year of 2012. In this edition we discuss - - WWE's TLC pay perview and the subsequent fallout on Raw - The National Film Registry - Storage Wars being sued - Bacon News of the Week We also have a very in-depth Social Commentary segment where we discuss the Newtown tragedy, including eye-witness accounts of the aftermath from members of our own staff...
Keywords: Full Circle Radio; Radio Defiant; Christmas; Raw; TLC; WWE; Storage Wars; National Film Registry; Beer; Bacon; Newtown; Sandy Hook; Anonymous; Westboro Baptist Church; Anon; Lulzsec; Knightsec
Downloads: 32
[audio]Cowboy Logic Radio - April 9, 2013 - Guests: AJ Gainer / Stan Levy / John Bergquist - Cowboy Logic Radio
The First Show!Cowboy Logic RadioUnfiltered...  Politically Incorrect...  Common Sense...Hosted by DONNA FIDUCIA and DON NEUENThis week's Guests:  Guests:  AJ Gainer / Stan Levy / John BergquistTopics of Discussion:  Everything Under the Sun!DONNA FIDUCIA, former Fox News Channel Anchor and DON NEUEN, a politically incorrect Constitutional Conservative Cowboy team up to deliver news and politics in a manner the mainstream media simply will not.Cowboy Logic Radio is the official talk radio s...
Keywords: Sandy hook; 12 Stones; Gun Control; Mass Killing; Obama; AJ Gainer; Stan Levy; John Bergquist; Donna Fiducia; Don Neuen; Cowboy Logic Radio
Downloads: 12
[audio]Talk Duo 056: A Tragedy in Newtown - Say It Productions
Ericka and Corey sit down and change the pace of the show this week as they talk about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. They try to "wrap their heads" around the incident and discuss the constant reporting on the local news and why nothing new was being said. Obama's speech and his appearance in town are mentioned and what looked different in Connecticut at they waited for his appearance...
Keywords: tragedy; Sandy Hook; Newtown; CT; Connecticut; shooting; Obama; gun control; security; police; state; buzz; office; candlelight; vigil. first responders; hero; teachers; principal
Downloads: 48
[audio]Hart & Usagi Podcast episode 25 - Hart & Usagi Podcast
The unwarranted attack on video games continues and this time it comes in a small amount from an unlikely source. Also some fun announcements like new versions of Divekick and cheap Virtual Console games. Join us for all of this and much more as we "drop da mic" on episode 25 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast!TOPIC/NEWS:* DMC* Wanpaku Graffiti* Sony vs. Jerry Lambert* Divekick* Tomm Hulett* 30¢ Wii U VC games* Resident Evil: Revelations* Is Nintendo Trapped by Its Legacy?* Leland Yee: Gamers Have 'No...
Keywords: acta; cispa; cleanit; contra; devil may cry; esrb; hart & usagi podcast; metroid; nintendo; pipa; resident evil; rocket knight; sandy hook; sony; sopa; tpp; splatterhouse; thq
Downloads: 16
[audio]After Sandy Hook - Gun Violence in America - Sounds of Dissent
The mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school on December 14th is the most recent of a string of mass killings this fall, and the second deadliest school shooting in recent U.S. history. Since 1982, there have been at least 60 mass killings across the United States. Meanwhile the gun lobby has been pushing gun-friendly laws in state legislatures throughout the country. On December 13th Michigan state legislators voted to allow concealed weapons in schools, daycare centers, stadiums and churc...
Keywords: Sandy Hook; Newtown; Connecticut; mass shooting; school shooting; gun lobby; American Legislative Exchange Council; ALEC; concealed weapons; gun violence; gun policy; assault weapons ban; Andy Pelosi; gunfreekids.org
Downloads: 53
[audio]Talk Duo 056: A Shooting in Newtown - Say It Productions
Ericka and Corey sit down and change the pace of the show this week as they talk about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. They try to "wrap their heads" around the incident and discuss the constant reporting on the local news and why nothing new was being said. Obama's speech and his appearance in town are mentioned and what looked different in Connecticut at they waited for his appearance...
Keywords: tragedy; Sandy Hook; Newtown; CT; Connecticut; shooting; Obama; gun control; security; police; state; buzz; office; candlelight; vigil. first responders; hero; teachers; principal
Downloads: 16
[movies]BreakingNC: S02E01 BreakingNC Christmas Special
Check These Out! http://www.breakingnc.com http://www.facebook.com/breakingnc http://www.twitter.com/breakingnc http://www.youtube.com/breakingnc The first episode of season 2 shows the BNC family celebrate Christmas and bring 2012 to an end.
Keywords: breakingnc; vlogging; vlog; 2012; 2013; new years; sandy hook; christmas; christmas tree; december; big tree; baby; infant; kids; family; junior; wifey; presley; waylon; web series
Downloads: 8
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